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Rental Qualifications:

Rental History:
 2 years varifiable (non-family) history is required. Nomore than two (2) late payments or one (1) NSF payment within the last yearfrom any rental reference will be acceptedand all fees must be paid in full. Proper notices (typically 30 day notices) to vacate must have been given to previous landlord. Current open evictions and /or legal non- compliance notices served are cause for denial. Previous evictions or open rental collection cases are grounds for denial and additional documentation is required and or addition security deposits.

Must have verifiable income (gross) equal to at least 3 times the monthly rent amount.

Legal Presence:
All applicants must provide original documents proving legal presence in th United States of America.

Credit Check/Criminal Background Check: 
Peak Investment Properties will run a credit/criminal background check to verify Applicants information. We do not discount discharge of bankruptcies, medical bills, or paid collections/judgements against you. Unpaid collection accounts against you. Unpaid utility accounts are grounds for denial.

Rental Application

Please pay for this Rental application with your PayPal or credit card. 
            (Fees are $35 for individual & $45 for Married couple)

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Employment Information
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Persons other than Applicants
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